The knight's order of saint john

Pro Fide et Utilitate Hominum


Pro fide et utilitate hominum is our motto. We offer support on both a spiritual and a material level, while remaining respectful of human dignity. The Order sees it as its mission to shape the Christian message and faith into practice in a long-established although contempory manner.

Dust in the wind? Nobody can eradicate worldwide poverty, but even a humble gesture can make a large impact on someone’s life. In a desert, every drop counts.

Nowadays, old christian values of solidarity and mutual assistance are put under strain. Financial opportunities for those going through a difficult time, whether temporary or more permanent, are harder to come by and neither sympathy nor compassion is widespread. Life can be cruel. The Order helps these individuals by aiding and realising small scale projects.

Through the use of a transparant financial structure, two non-profit organisations ensure that our national as well as international aid is well spended.

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