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A few of our projects are listed and briefly explained below.


Osjosma is an orphanage on the central plateau of Haiti. It currently houses around 30 children and young adults. Four more children were placed in our care just last year. In the near furture we aim to host a total of forty children in two separate houses, a third house called Saint An, will be specially equiped for children under 18.

The operating cost is at this moment about $4000. This money is necessary to pay the 17 members of staff and all the expenses. This orphanage plans to become self sufficient once all investments have been executed. In order for this to happen, the adjacent farm would have to be substantially increased.

De Witte mol

De Witte mol, literally ‘The white mole’ is a community center specialized in hosting severely handicapped persons as well as ensuring support for their families. A higly skilled staff is also vital in ensuring positive well-being. A good mood and cheerful communication are the key words of our team. They organise numerous activities such as swimming, horseriding, walking, visiting a shopping mall and so on, offering a good balance between integration, recreation and social contact. To do so, they make use of the services of many volunteers. Our donations have helped making a trip to Lourdes a reality.

The neurological and pshychiatric center Caraes Ndera

Rwanda. The neurological and pshychiatric center Caraes Ndera has a famous reputation when it comes to neurological health care in Rwanda, such as clinical neurophysiology, ambulant care and neurological revalidation. These treatments are expensive, especially for those most in need. In order to help them, external financial assistance is needed. This center is supported by the university of Gent, as part of it’s co-operation activity.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships. Medical care is unavailable in many parts of the world, espacially in Africa. If you can’t find a hospital, a hospital comes to you. Mercy Ships is an international non-profit organisation whose members are all volunteers. This organisation helps countries with little to no available medical care to get the medical attention they need. In order to do this they sail around with a fully equipped ship, The Africa Mercy. Surgeons, nurses and others are not paid for their work and pay for their own expenses. The staff offers state-of- the- art medical care as well as medical training courses. Their ship contains five operating rooms and 78 beds. Sometimes it docks for several months in a port, most of the time in West Africa. This organisation aims to buy a second ship, together with the needed and much hoped support of the Bill Gates foundation.


Wemelkampen. This initiative is devoted to persons with AD(H)D. AD(H)D patients are unable to focus for long periods of time, they are often hyperactive and can think about multiple things at once. These holiday camps welcome children as well as adults and their families. In Wemel they get the opportunity to live for a time together in a natural environment where they can decompress, relax and regenereate far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. The activities provided are similar to a scouts camp. Nothing is compulsory, and every actvity offers a chance to enter in dialogue and to reflect. The participants need structure as well as freedom. In order to accomplish this these camps require larger financial and physical support as well as large body of staff. Our contribution helped with the renovation of the cooking facilities.


'Saranalaya' is an orphanage in India. It houses fifty children, most of them being orphans from the slums. Founded by two pediatricians, the orphanage has been in use for three years so far. Last year’s fundraising raised a total of $13 000. This money was used to renovate the sanitation blocks and buy paint for the orphanage. Last summer, twenty students volunteered in the orphanage. They cooked, played with the children, taught them and helped them develop various skills. If every thing goes well, a new class will soon be equiped with computers.

South Africa

South Africa. One of our members is the leader of ‘Caregivers’, an organisation that delivers drugs and food to AIDS patients on a daily basis. The idea is that they indeed take the drugs and the meal. According to the situation, the volunteers in the organisation walk, go by bike, motorbike or use public transport to reach the patients. Our member oversees the distribution of the food and drugs, pays for transport costs, and offers a meal to the helpers themselves. For many, this is the only way they make a living.

Westvlaams Observatie- en Therapeutisch Centrum De Berkjes

Westvlaams Observatie- en Therapeutisch Centrum De Berkjes is one of the seven therapy centers in Flanders which specializes in emotional and behavioral problems in young people, they also deal with academic difficulties. There are currently 44 children and 16 young adults living here.

Nowadays, computers make up an essential part of education, because old computers are no longer sufficient for modern software the center plans to expand and update their technology center. Last year they began by purchasing a mobile unit, and this year they’d like to build a well equiped computer classroom.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa. This small scale project supports vagrant children in Addis Ababa. It is run by Kris Audoore and two Ethiopian nurses, and offers a home, food and education to a total of seventeen children. Eleven of which have been legally adopted. The center is at the moment in desparate need of a makeover.

Fish Farming

Fish Farming. This project supported the construction of four fish farming basins in the parish of Miyamba.These basins have largely raised the standard of living in Miyamba. The fish they catch are primally used as a source of food, but the fish they don’t eat they sell. The quality of the food they eat now much better than before, and new initiatives can be launched with the money that they earn.

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